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Home sweet home! (April 19, 2014)

Ahhh, I’ve finally taken my long awaited trip to San Francisco and I am SO IN LOVE with the city!!! It’s so beautiful with the PERFECT mix of the ocean, nature, and city life. And the hills. Oh the hills. Walking to the corner store is a complete workout but I love it anyway. I have over 3,000 pictures to go through and I’m so excited to post them and make them available at my Etsy shop. California in general is so beautiful. We road-tripped to a few hidden gems along the coast and everything was just breathtaking. The world is truly a beautiful place, my heart is almost constantly jumping out of my chest when I travel. I have a BUSY few days ahead getting ready for the RAW:Toronto’s Spectrum showcase and so the pictures may come slowly but they WILL come! :) I will try to post 1 or 2 daily. (If you live in Toronto, come hang out at the showcase!)

I’m already thinking about the next trip. I may hit up Nevada and Arizona again in September or October and do a more thorough adventure by the desert. The bigger more costly trips will have to wait until next year since these darn wedding expenses are eating up all the travel budget! :P


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The bee is always busy. (April 7, 2014)

I don’t know how I manage to make myself so busy. I’m writing my Managerial Accounting exam tomorrow night and am supposed to be “free” for a couple of weeks after that but instead have a million things to do:

1. Process, pack, and send out the second half of prizes from the Connecting You & Yours contest
2. Prepare for my first showcase ever at RAW:Toronto’s Spectrum (this is really what’s giving me a mild heart attack)
3. Visit San Francisco and take a ton of new pictures (I’m leaving on Saturday so the full week in SF is a write-off and so I really have only one week to do everything else, ha!)
4. Prepare for the start of my MBA internship at General Mills
5. Go to my hair & makeup trial for my wedding
6. Hop on a couple of phone conferences with my professors regarding business and such

All in the next two weeks. :/ Am I biting off more than I can chew? It’s a possibility but we’ll see.

This print is newly listed on Etsy. :) Remember, everything is 25% off until April 19th.


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Newly listed! (April 6, 2014)

I just listed this really quickly on Etsy. It’s so pretty it looks like a toy airplane. I’ve been so distracted these past few days with photography matters, I haven’t been studying effectively for my Accounting exam on Tuesday!!!

Last night was date night and we watched Afflicted in the theatres. Not sure if I agree with the raving reviews, but anyway. Maybe I’m just too desensitized. If a horror movie isn’t scary, it does me no good.


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Mother`s Day Sale! (April 5, 2014)

I’ve partnered up with Rusty Mill to bring you a unique Mother’s Day promotion. :) Enjoy 25% off all prints at my shop and your purchase will be followed by a 10% off coupon to Rusty Mill’s shop to seal your gift for mom with the perfect rustic picture frame. :) Mother’s Day is on May 11th this year, so start thinking about your gift!! Happy Saturday!


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Inviting all friends & fans from Toronto! (April 4, 2014)

I am exhibiting as a featured artist at RAW:natural born artists Toronto SPECTRUM show on Thursday, April 24th, 7:00pm at Revival Bar on 783 College Street. If you are from Toronto, come and hang out! :) Tickets are $15 each and can be purchased through my profile right here. Really hope to see you there!!! :)


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That is a wrap! (April 2, 2014)

We delivered our final presentation today on all the work that we’ve done on Charlene Precious Fine Art Photography over the last 10 weeks of the semester. Feels sooo good. We’ve been extremely productive and I am armed with so much information and analysis going forward. I am so grateful to have worked with these guys. TEAM, thank you so much for all your energy and hard work and for choosing to work with me!!!

The team is actually now going through the “adjourning” phase of Tuckman’s stages of group development (lol, yes, I’ve completely just referenced something out of an O.B. textbook). Some of us are graduating and others (like myself) are still chugging along for a few more semesters but I’m feeling quite bittersweet. This course has been awesome. My professor has also encouraged me to do an independent study with her in the Fall to continue building on what we’ve started, so I’m going to take her up on that offer. It’s a brilliant suggestion because it forces me to keep working away at this. Everything is so awesome and exciting!!


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Wedding Planning, Studying, Cleaning. (March 30, 2014)

Today I did some wedding planning, some studying, and A LOT of cleaning. There are dust bunnies in all the little corners of this apartment and they’re going to be the death of me! I hope you’re not getting tired of these little polly pocket homes yet because I have a few more to get through and share. :)


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Studying. (March 29, 2014)

Managerial Accounting owns my life at the moment. It’s hardly the best thing. I needed a break so I’m posting the “Simple Life” set, now available on Etsy. :) I completely appreciate how different life is in all parts of the world.


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Two weeks left. (March 28, 2014)

And the semester is over. :) Then comes our trip to San Francisco then comes my MBA internship at General Mills then comes our barn wedding. The next 4-5 months is going to be wildly exciting and packed with new experiences and memories. I can’t wait!!!

I’m almost embarrassed to say this but because Chris and I have reached the end of every single show we are genuinely interested in, we didn’t know what else to watch so for fun, we tried out Gossip Girl a few weeks ago and have been hooked in a very guilty way. It’s completely juvenile but has its good moments. It reminds me of Dawson’s Creek. I loved that show back then. In fact, maybe I’ll watch it again! We’re waiting for the new seasons of all the good shows. Until then, we’ll enjoy our guilty pleasure.


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Contest ends tonight at 11:59pm est! (March 25, 2014)

Just wanted to pop in here quickly to announce that the Connecting You & Yours contest ends tonight at 11:59PM EST! Be sure to submit your entry here to be entered into the 18th and final draw of the contest! And then head over to my Etsy shop to start picking out your favourite prints in case you’re the lucky winner! :)

I haven’t been able to post as often as I wanted and have been rushing through recent posts because somehow, I’ve managed to get so busy again. Sigh! The semester is coming to an end and everything under the sun is coming due.

Oh also, for those who want to be notified directly of future contest campaigns and promotions, just add your email address to my email list right here! :)


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Four days left! (March 21, 2014)

The Connecting You & Yours contest ends in 4 days! Be sure to submit your entry here for at least 1 in 50 chances to win two prints up to an 8×12 at my Etsy shop! :) We’ve reached over 1,800 fans, can you believe it??? I sure can’t but am overwhelmed with joy!!!

I’m also filling in my Pinterest board all over again because I didn’t do it quite right the first time, so here’s a feeble start.

And of course, here’s another jellyfish shot, as promised!


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One of the most beautiful sea creatures. (March 14, 2014)

All I have to say about the jellyfish is WOW. I’ve actually never seen one in real life up until now. I’ve only seen them in movies. They had a whole bunch of them at the Ripley’s Aquarium and I was beyond mesmerized. I must have stood behind the glass for 30 minutes, just watching them float and dance around, upside down, inside out. I must have taken 200 pictures, too, because they kept changing. Every single movement was a beautiful transformation and every shot was drastically different from the other. I am now obsessed with the jellyfish. Capturing them in colour would have been phenomenal but most of my pictures were in black and white because the lighting in the aquarium was pretty tough to work with. I’m happy to see that they turned out quite lovely anyway! I’ll post more soon.

Also, happy birthday to the best dad in the world. <3



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Behind the scenes. (March 9, 2014)

My mom and I packaging prints with love. Many of these are going out to the first batch of contest winners from the Connecting You & Yours contest. If you haven’t already entered, you should submit your entry here! :) There is roughly two more weeks of the contest left, so there are still prints to be won!

The Ripley’s Aquarium was AMAZING last night. I have a new obsession. The Jellyfish. I’ll share photos soon!!


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San Fran, here we come. (March 8, 2014)

We’ve officially booked our trip to San Francisco for April after my exams. I’ve been waiting for San Fran photography for quite literally years now. The time has finally come and I feel an urge to squeal! Eeeeep. We’re actually splitting the trip between San Francisco and Napa Valley. Just a quick Google of Napa Valley takes my breath away. I can’t wait!!

Tonight’s a date night with Chris at the Ripley’s Aquarium. I can’t wait for that either. :)


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